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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joanie, How Would You Know ? Your Favorite Film Is Escape From Witch Mountain!

Believe it or not, of all the lines in Popcorn, that is my favorite! A smarmy joke from Leon turns into a jab at Joanie, and it couldn't be more perfect.

I have much good news to tell you about! First off, I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Schoelen in person this past weekend at HorrorHound Convention in Cincinatti, OH! She was most definitely one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met! News travels fast because when I introduced myself she sweetly exclaimed, "You're the girl making the Popcorn documentary!" She was very excited to be hearing from me personally and not just through her manager who I had spoken to previously. Until that weekend, Jill really had no idea how many fans there were out there of Popcorn, and I can't wait to show her how many more of us there are out there!

Proof that I met Jill...

Originally when I was going to write this blog I only had a couple bits of good news to tell you about, but as of today I have even more good news to tell you about! Now on board for the doc are Malcolm Danare who played Bud, and Elliott Hurst who played Leon. I couldn't be happier about their participation!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a member of my crew; Mike Boas. We're going to be going over some preliminary details. Next up will be fundraising and rounding up the last of the interviewees we'd like to have. I will tell you, I won't be revealing all of the people we have involved, I want to leave some surprises for you!

Thank you once again for all of your support! Please spread the word!



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